Life is NOT Shit


My mindset is ultra positive at the moment as I have realised something about myself. Endings always have sadness and beginnings uncertainty but the middle bit is where living is done. In the past I would have lived in a prolonged ending to sadness which then would overlap the next beginning and the new middle and meet another ending of sadness to further my woe.


Cycle of failure

Feeling like I was in a continuous cycle of failures and not been able to appreciate the living that I had been doing was why I was depressed. When looking back… have I lived? I definitely had! My God I have…like Ol’ Blue eyes said I have always done it my way. The reason I kept thinking that the past was so sad was because I was only remembering the moments of sadness as we remember feelings more than days, dates or events.


So what has really changed?

The reality around me is still the same but the will and desire from within is now recharged and positively receptive to the current in which I live. I embrace my life for what it is and appreciate what I have rather than what I don’t. The more I appreciate what I have the more I accumulate. The Universe is providing at an exponential rate or is it that I am now more grateful to the Universe so everything that it provides me is just more appreciated.  Either way… thanks Universe!


My God I have met some people along the way! I did some simple Maths today and worked out that through my years of public service running shops with my father as a child, uni in my late teens early twenties and pubs in my mid twenty to thirties I have met over 100,000 people (That’s real life not on Facebook). Yet I have very rarely travelled out of the UK. Even though I have not yet seen the world which I intend to do I have met people and that has given me quite a special set of skills and experience.


Life is NOT Shit

Serving them has also given me face-to-face sales skills and as some call it… the gift of the gab. Point being when I looked back at my past before I was resentful and felt that I did not get a fair deal yet from the same mind, body and soul I now see that it was a great experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. So all I would say is life is NOT shit, you may be feeling down so do not over analyse when you are feeling like that.












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