The Pyramid Theory

Call it idleness (I work 70+ hours most weeks!), daydreaming or just being deep and inquisitive but as I went on a run the other day a strange thought crossed my mind and I wanted to share it.  So as I was running up a rather steep hill on a windy country lane, I glanced to the right and could feel the sun flickering through the tall trees as I was moving forward. I took the next turning as I wanted to catch more of the rays and in doing so caught a direct glare from the sun and then as many of us do… remembered that childhood tale that “staring at the sun will make me blind” so accepted defeat on this occasion and looked away but did not change my course of direction.


Carrying on with a mid-paced jog and enjoying the sounds of spring awakenings and direct sunlight, I decided to close my eyes (Running down a country lane with my eyes closed! 🙂 What people must think!) so you get the kind of warm glow and radiance  in the darkness as the sun overpowers the small layer of skin of the eye lids.  After a prolonged period when you open your eyes you get those small spots of sunlight reflecting back from your eyes. Right Now for the pyramids…


So the sunlight is baring down on your face, your eyes are closed and you can still see the light in the darkness although diluted due to your eye lids shuttering over the full force. So if you stare slightly down you can see a triangular shape which I imagine is the bridge of your nose (in my case slightly broken so more like the leaning tower of pisa than the pyramids of ancient Egypt) and this lead to my thought.

To my question: Why are pyramids built in the shape of a triangle?

Cortana says: “Some archaeologists believe pyramids are shaped like triangles to allow the pharaoh’s spirit to climb to the sky or that the sloping sides represent the sun’s rays. Another theory is that a pyramid was the easiest shape to build or that it simply represents a burial mound.”

Why build in that shape? if you are building a burial for a pharaoh at a time when Sun is God then I am sure you would have stared at it and looked for inspiration. Would you have also then closed your eyes and explored your thoughts looking for an idea. So this shape keeps staring back at you and others will feel its familiarity as they have all seen it and felt it but do not recollect where and when as it is not part of our normal conscious thinking.


So that is the basis of my theory and sometimes the most beautiful things in life are created by simple subconscious reasoning where in fact we draw conscious conclusions which over complicate matters. I think empathy has brought me so many extra powers both in writing, business and my relationships as I can explore old ideas in new ways.



Good morning and have a great day!







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