A mindful beauty or a beautiful mind?


trending through the masses

the wave of the decade


a WordPress theme

or part of the grand scheme



crushed in the corner

A sacred scapegoat

unfortunate brand association

living in dark times


barbarians roaming again

abusing poor old religion

fake news or bad press

it doesn’t look good

for my good friend… I feel for you

poor old religion


mindful watches on

Close allie and confidant

forced to turn a blind eye

pushed apart by the divisors

fearful of their convergence

one mind and one voice

too powerful to imagine


An undivided electorate

unsympathetic to poor old religion

unanimous condemnation


Surely the root cause?

Mindful defends religion

For religion must be mindful

(Both share non-violent practice)



Isolating the perpetrators

exposing them

trending back at their very source

hurting their very existence


We can defeat them!


Mindfulness and religion

We live in hope


My feelings after London tragedy yesterday. Barbarians are roaming amongst us and we must unite as people and internally as individuals to defeat their terrible ideology

















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