The Beach

Painful moments in our lives are points constantly redirecting our course to safeguard our fate and overcome our free will. It is a lot like when you swim against multiple recurrent waves and the resistance pushes you off course or throws an object back to shore. Over a period of time I have began to understand more the very purpose of pain and hardship. It is necessary to suffer so that we can appreciate God’s grace and the beauty of those moments which in the end, the very presence off  give us hope and the will to get up and go again.


Small waves provide resistance  on a daily basis but every now and then a large wave comes along and we are swept back powerlessly and humbled by the sheer presence of such forces. So as I scan over the debris scattered on my beach I can see evidence of battles, lost love, betrayal, unjust actions and the slow erosion of self through ageing. In amongst them every now and then I find a shell which is a moment of transcendent beauty which when I pick up and observe I am suddenly enlightened to again rush out against the waves.


A keen persistence and a will to learn more about the depths of this ocean hold me in good stead in God’s eyes, for this I am sure. As a Sikh man, the very essence of my journey is to learn and reflect. I look around and many live in fear of the next tidal wave whilst others have found a raft which can make their journey more comfortable but are not willing to reach out and help others desperate to stay afloat.


We know that in our human life time we cannot reach the land (promised land) on the other side of the ocean so the very purpose of this flawed voyage is in summary, going to be reflecting on how you attempted it rather than how far you got in Kilometres. An attempt in which you helped others and made the most of  the intervals between waves will be most fulfilling. If you remain in a peaceful state when the waves come then you will be washed back not fulfilling your potential. It is in those moments when a person needs to find resolve and fight back just to exist against and this is training for better resistance to the tidal waves when they arrive.


Thinking about when the next wave will come will make you anxious and collating all the debris on the beach and revisiting the pain will cause you depression. The moments between the waves are where the faithful find most peace. History teaches us that every now and then certain people arrive at the shore who teach us a different way and a movement towards a new method begins . My understanding now is that our Guru’s (which were present on this planet only 400 odd years ago in India) came and surfed the waves and left the plans for the board in our holy book “The Guru Granth Sahib”.


We cannot be sure if the waves will continue to become more violent in times to come or whether we will see the calming of the sea. What we can be sure of is that if in our attempts we simply decide to let the waves carry and control us then we will never reach the potential of our journey. Life is a mix of fate and free will and the very purpose of free will is to allow you to explore the environment in between waves of fate which will alter your planned course.








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