New Years Revelations

I was very tactile this New Years Eve as in comparing the past few it occurred to me that the way I set my stall out pretty much dictates the following month if not the whole year forward. That in terms of indulgence, seeing the 1st of Jan with a thick head and generally feeling bloated from Xmas Wine and New Year Beer. Purposefully, I made a choice to be in  solitude and set myself the task to learn something before midnight so that when I wake the following morning I will have the added happiness of having acquired a new skill and that would make me feel good about myself and the year ahead.


In truth, I started on 30th December on the drive back after dropping my boys home from their Xmas break with me. After receiving a call from a very happy client who was overwhelmed with the results we achieved I was able to bask  in a moment of self glory. I have  decided I can do anything if I put my “clear” mind to it. What I am referring to is that when I am stress free, not pressured or engulfed in family politics I do honestly believe I can solve a large number of complex problems. My New years tipple  was to learn java programming and fix a clients broken website.


I had felt over the past few months that I am again firing on all cylinders and this is not without effort or goal focus but more its a case of the hard work, meditation, exercise and mindfulness now coming into fruition. So without meaning to preach rather more reflecting on my own practice I can honestly say that my new alcohol free ‘straight edge’ lifestyle  is the best thing I have ever done for myself.



I have been quietly proud of myself as I am doing things which I never thought I could. I seem to be harnessing more and more positive energy and my brain is constantly absorbing and using information effectively to produce results. The decisions I make are with my wellbeing as a priority and that in turn is also reaping benefits for those around me with whom I connect, support or care about.


So back to New Years… I set myself the task to learn the java programming language which although I am no novice to programming compared to previous experience was like speaking English and trying to learn French overnight. What I achieved by Midnight and without blowing my own trumpet I can honestly say was hugely satisfying. I had paced around, sat, stood, moved in every possible position in my room but not shifted my focus until I had fixed the problem and it paid off. Literally,  just as the fireworks display began in central London. I then quickly relayed Happy New Year messages through my phone and put myself to sleep.



When I awoke on the 1st of Jan, free from hangover with substantial January work already completed I realized that I could never go back to my previous self and have been thankful since for what I have become. If 2016 was about tuning myself, I have just revved the engine and felt an enormous self growth (of the spiritual kind :-)). I have great hopes for this year and again wish all of my followers the very best. Tuning was about finding the positive frequency in the Universe, revving is indeed inviting it in.



A final note on this New Year, my revelation is that every person has the potential to be a genius or achieve amazing things. The issue is that many minds are clouded by uncertainty, self doubt, negativity, addiction and other mental blocks which prevent them from realising their full potential. We hear the stories of those very strong people who breakthrough from hardship and still do something wonderful but that power exists in every person. If we focus for long enough on removing anything then a moment of clarity can become a lifetime of clarity and the results are truly limitless.









One thought on “New Years Revelations

  1. Your focus and positivity are inspirational, as are the changes you’ve created for yourself throughout 2016. I feel very excited for you and the opportunities you’re attracting into your life for 2017. Also very glad indeed to have ‘met’ you online and be sharing your thinking and your journey.

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