The Rise of the Human

We cannot program robots to feel the unconditional love of God, nor can they be individually as unique as we are. How can we determine the protocol for one person to feel completely differently in the same circumstance than another? These are some of the examples of the great qualities of being human.

Some of the emotions felt by humans through life experiences could never be automated or simulated. They are the ones which are most important. In the future we will rely on those to differentiate between human and artificial intelligence.


In the battle to survive… our spirituality will evolve to a higher state to maintain command over our robotic partners. In distant years there will be the good human exercising their self awareness duelling against the unremorseful robot replicating our survival instincts. We will converge to a purer form of ourselves erased of evil. Robots without the existence of a soul will tend to an extreme opposite.

Good vs Evil will have its final encounter in clearly different forms. As evil took electronic form when satan seized the opportunity from under our very noses. He realised how electronically he could sustain to the last day and there is plenty of evidence online to realise that he already resides there.

Alternatively, in the preservation of the human race  and the intervention of superior powers we could have good robots defending our existence. Either way, self awareness and spirituality are paramount to our future existence.



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