It was all a dream…

Sorry I have not posted for a while as I have become pretty engrossed in my work… well rather the research of it and in doing so have found my true love again. When I was a boy (many decades ago) I was obsessed with technology and remember trying to connect to the net back in 1990 using dial up and a basic desktop. My bedroom would be full of different periphery and I would spend a lot of time on my own, in my room, breaking things and fixing them to try and learn how they work. I was there at the birth of Microsoft and still hold an email address which are very rare to find.

Through life’s journey I had truly forgotten this and in seeing my 10 year old take similar strides the parallels opened the gateway for all those wonderful memories to come flooding back. Children can remind us so much of what we forget about ourselves and his passion for technology reminded me that I was once that boy.

I recently started learning about technology again just in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of where we are and where this is all heading. I started thinking about mobile phones and before I knew it, I was back like a wide eyed ten year old learning android phone programming and connecting things together.

I am now working on software robotics for business and this all resulted from clearing my mind and realising what I wanted in life. It has brought a convergence of my business experience and my technological dreams and I am very grateful to for being able do work where I am learning about what I enjoy.

I have setup a blog for the business which is born out of this dream and if you would like to follow it click the following link.






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