Man vs Machine? or Man & Machine vs Process? (2’ish min read)

“The above headline should say Woman/Man vs Machine or People vs Process, but as much as we know this to be true we do not always appreciate it in modern society.”

Firstly, for all the women (and men) out there… who quite often (In my experience) have to deliver the mundane administration involved in business processing (BPM) of taking data from one system and then putting it into another, extrapolating information from an email attachment, uploading it to another system and so on… only to find that at the end of the day there are errors and the task has taken twice the amount of time it should of… We hear you! This all at the cost of the positive pro-business work you wished to do once you had cleared these tasks.


Secondly, I personally applaud you! Your work is often not noticed but in looking after the process with discipline and robotic like execution you have done a fantastic job! I would like to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Complete automation is possible and will happen for all business processes at some time soon.

  • A construction engineering business produces and sends over 500 invoices per month to customers, each requiring up to hundred pages of supporting data from many different systems.
  • Each invoice previously took 5 hours to produce (Oh No! 5 Hours). When the process was converted to software robots with a near zero touch process it now takes 11 minutes (Yes! 11 minutes). Surely, this cannot be ignored. (How will I sleep tonight?) 

The light we see is Robotic Process Automation (Yes, Robots… you may wonder!). Not robots sitting next to you in your office but robots mimicking your laborious tasks under your command on how to carry out the business process effectively.  Delivering it at a speed and fraction of the cost that will free you to work on the productive business analysis and creative work you so desire.


We as humans are prone to error it is in our nature, we were not built for repetition and providing a link between machines. We were built to inspire, create and think! In the name of progress, we cannot continue to deny that robotics will remove significant and unnecessary mental strain in the workplace. Our minds with greater freedom will engineer better process, analyse our data with vigour and from it create results with infinitely greater virtuosity.

It’s time to embrace our robotic neighbour and use them for what we were not programmed to do and program them to do what we need them to do so that we are free to evolve our businesses and ideas. Speak to your colleagues, seniors and friends, speak positively of our robotic neighbour for they will help us to be free from mundane tasks which go against our very principles of being.

I really hoped you enjoyed my writing today. Have a great day and if you want to have a chat about anything to do with RPA, just drop me a comment.


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