Why I think Trump will win

My feelings are that Donald Trump will get elected.

I have pretty much switched off from TV in the past 3 months as I have been so focused on my wellbeing and personal goals that it just does not interest me. I manage to keep up-to-date with current affairs like many others by absorbing bite size chunks of news through various apps and alerts on my mobile phone. The TV however, has lost its appeal to me as I tend to walk past the square box in my living room like its an old painting long forgotten.

old painting.png

I felt obliged to catch up on things after my 6 year old son remarked to me over the weekend that “Donald Trump is an idiot”. I was amazed by his clear opinion on the matter and wondered where my son had drawn his conclusions from and why the US presidential election campaign had become topical on the school playground.


As I watched the second public debate on YouTube, I observed Trump very closely and came to a realisation about his persona and mannerisms. He is intentionally animated and has created a character which is so exaggerated that he has the viral quality necessary to win this election. What I mean is that if he was an unknown guy and slipped over and fell head first into a toilet, you could imagine it going viral on social media just because of his hilarious reactions and facial expressions.


We are in the age of celebrityism and I believe the strategy is simple. If you go viral, there will be likes and dislikes and if you can go so viral that kids talk about you on the playground then you are bound to have enough likes to convert to Yes votes and win the election. Comedian Andy Kaufman had realised that the impact of a character good or bad would conjure enough emotion to create popularity either way. I could imagine Andy wearing the Trump suit and revealing himself after it’s won.


Thinking about Trump some how triggered my memory back to when I was in a pretty deep dark place and contemplating whether an idea I had was illogical or a revelation. It was based around icons of history and Jesus Christ was a pretty stand out decent one but over centuries there have been martyrs, preachers,activists and many more superstars. Their actions were recorded in history and they have had an impact on our lives in some way. As the classic story goes the good ones always seem to get persecuted.


Maybe, Just maybe, the reason we have evolved into the age of celebrity is that God has got so pissed off with our treatment of his messengers that he(she sorry!) deems it safer to distribute the message in small tweets from various motivational moguls rather than pass it through one individual. Would he trust us with an individual? again? If you think about the larger than life characters which exist in popular culture is it not inevitable that Trump will be president.


CGI could not greatly enhance Trumps already exaggerated features, we humour him and his comical value but are you sure he is not laughing at the audience? He could pretty much walk of the stage and into an episode of The Simpsons. I keep thinking he will turn round and say that the whole thing is a joke because he just wanted to prove that he could be so crude and extreme in his views and as long as he keeps making impact statements he would get elected.


Since the first day we inverted the camera and took that first selfie or broadcast the first home YouTube video it has been inevitable that what we once loathed or loved watching was going to start reflecting back into reality. Stardom has jumped out from the box and into society, mini celebrities are popping up everywhere as the norm. I am sure there are many out there with the X Factor but how many have the holy cross  ‘+’ factor. (Part of God’s plan?)





3 thoughts on “Why I think Trump will win

  1. Good post man and solid analysis of the socio-political ramifications in this upcoming election. I’ve this uneasy feeling that you’re right and that Trump will get elected… Hopefully not.

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  2. I too fear you may be right. It all seems so insane to me – as in, how could anybody NOT see through this man?! But in the end, what is saddest of all is that one of the greatest nations in the world seems to be making a choice between the ‘lesser of two evils’. How different from 8 years ago, where both candidates had some kind of integrity about them.

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