The Dark Art of Lying

Please avoid those who dabble in the dark art of lying

It is extremely hazardous to your mental health!!!


A healthy mind requires oneness. When the heart and mind are in conflict there is uncertainty and the resonance of darkness in the soul. You will develop an unhealthy dependency on your fib-master and their emotional control as only their further lies can justify the previous ones and maintain the artificial reality in which they have placed you. The soul will sense this and become uneasy with the mind and this will cause depression, anxiety and change in character.  People you once knew…. may have distanced themselves from you and your circle will normally hold a heavy bias in favour of your manipulator.

When you trust a liar and value their opinion you are in fact giving them the privilege of access to your mind. They are playing you with fictitious feelings and exercising a level of emotional control. Your gut feeling (call it soul, intuition, instinct…), will not be comfortable with the actions in which your mind is engaged. Internally, there will be a war between the mind and the heart and as you supress the gut feeling’s for longer and longer so your mental health will most definitely suffer.

Any relationship built on a foundation of lies is always full of drama, uncertainty and will  constantly disrupt your inner peace. Measure your level of compromise in the decision making of the union, if most of your decisions are based on roots of thoughts or conclusions that were fed to you then it is highly probable you were being manipulated. Everything will fall away whether you want it to, believe it or try and resist it. It is better to change the situation sooner rather than later as the longer you maintain the visage the more damage it will cause.

Solution: Trust your feelings, be mindful of each person that you keep in your circle. Think about the things which they have told you, analyse them and determine which are not true and please do not ignore the viewpoint of your instinct or gut feeling . You need to find a peaceful moment alone to listen to your feelings and meditation, prayer or a simple walk can help you.  









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