Be Humble

Don’t pity me

Pity you

Tried to own little Me

Oh Little You!

Lie and cheat little Me

No little you

Seat and defeat little Me

Oh little you

Falling down on little Me

Oh little you

Do you feel little Me?

Now Little you


Karma real little you

See little me

In my shoes little you

are little me

Stand on your two’s little you

Like little me

Have strong views little you

Like little me

Tell the truth little you

Be little me


all the same are little you

and little me

I wont blame little you

be little me

I am not ashamed little you

with little me

Play the game little you

belittle me


A short poem to reflect the emotion of being humble. My feeling is that when it all falls down you only look up as you are humbled by life. If you look down on others, one day you will be looking up with them… so it’s better to always be humble.

























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