The Life I Chose.

Sometimes the best days are the worst days

The following is an archive of notable media coverage of my career in hospitality. I hope it gives you some insight into my life pre-breakdown and I have tried to reflect how things were from a personal point of view at the time of each article. I have always had to handle difficulties from business failings, high demands, family pressure and lack of work life balance. It was the life I chose (I suppose). At times I may have appeared to be winning the battle externally but just to live a normal life I was fighting my demons very hard internally.  If you told me 10 years ago that today I would be 3 stone lighter, running 10k a day and found inner peace I would have probably laughed at you.




The Swan Inn which I operated at the time was used as a film set for Midsomer Murders and Brian True-May had just come out and said that there are no Asian’s in the countryside. To say I was annoyed was an understatement. Drank many a pint with my regulars over the topic and there are definitely more now than there was.


This pub was my mothership, absolutely ran it with blood and guts. Had a fantastic few years there and then certain personal issues occurred and I moved on. At one point operated three village pubs within an 8 mile radius. Worked in excess of 14 hours a day for 3 years with barely a day off. Constantly running back and fourth to keep all the operations running in addition to doing all the administration, marketing and hr.


Looking very overweight at this time and taking on my third pub really took its toll on my health. I use to have a lot of back problems and in addition could not sleep very well. Drinks most weekend to take the edge of but always the same recurring lack of trade issues Monday to Thursday. Business greatly dictated my mood and health.



Later went on to work in a small independent buffet restaurant chain as part of a family business owned by my in-laws. Working with relatives is difficult and politics and pride got in the way too often.  My health was in rapid decline as I was working too hard and not getting any reprieve. I was desperate for a fresh start after such a tough decade but in the end I had a breakdown which I could have avoided had I thought more for myself rather than doing too much where I expected the burden shared. I am proud of my results there and instilled procedure which was severely lacking in the operations.





3 thoughts on “The Life I Chose.

  1. Hello Bal, thank you so much for reading my blog. I am eager to read yours and this post hit home. You’ve done great work 🙂 and good on you for putting YOU back into your priorities. It can be difficult when the daily grind takes on a life of its own and then we realize we have gotten way off course. WTG, my friend!


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