The Anti-Suicide Squad

My topic of thought at the moment is reincarnation and it carries great importance if I am to stay en route of my journey in Sikhism which has foundations from this core Hinduism value. I am at a moment in my life where I need to either accept or reject the null hypothesis on this one. Life in some form either continues or it doesn’t, unfortunately there are no statistics other than historical transcripts of resurrections and martyrdom that can confirm or dismiss this as ideology. Fear of death is one of the biggest demons we all have to face.


Like a night watchman I have been scouring the visual databanks and analysing the analysis of scriptures for signs to prove reincarnation as it is so central to Hinduism and later Sikhism of which I am born in to. Science fact proves that energy is indeed never destroyed but simply converted from one form to another. Where cremation is the conversion of your remains to heat energy and where burial is a slower bio degrading process of returning your energy into the ecosystem as in all instances there is proof that energy in death is never lost.


I had a friend (once, he doesn’t talk to me anymore!) who I thought of very dearly. He was a drinking partner and shared similar values and work ethics so we enjoyed each others company. We enjoyed a lot of quotation banter after a few drinks and would sort of bounce them off each other like “live every day like your last” to “you only live once” but on this particular occasion after several scotch whiskies and a moment of clarity I remarked to him that “We all come back” and to say he was overwhelmed is an understatement.


He gave me a peculiar glare like a confused pup waiting for me to throw the ball back so he could continue to converse. On observing his reaction I felt it was necessary to give my remark a full and descriptive monologue. I delivered it in a mix of Punglish (Punjabi with English notes) at the top of my voice in a busy Nepalese restaurant (The whisky had greatly enhanced my vocal chords). My reference was to the very essence of reincarnation and how if we accept that the soul lives on in a continuum of space and time then we should not fear mortality. The human entity has an average shelf life of 100 give or take years but our spirit is omnipresent. If we accept the very essence of reincarnation and followed our religious belief system which on paper we both appeared to then we had already accepted this as fact. I thought?


This is not to say we start jumping of cliffs become an anarchist or start assuming invincibility. But if we are to think in this way then we can breed the necessary confidence and positivity into our children so that their faith grows and the negative fearful thoughts about death begin to disintegrate from their very being. If they could grasp our knowledge in adolescence it might make it a far less turbulent journey into adulthood as for the many troubled minds I have witnessed in reading blogs.


It brought me to an important understanding of radicalisation and how the idiots were indeed using this age old theory in a new form of manipulation. They are giving a young mind the same belief not to fear death but to have no regard for their being or that of others.  I became paranoid for a moment whilst I considered what my assumptions might lead me to and left it on a need to know basis for now. As I chose not to waste my active thinking time on negative people or perspectives.


The best way to counter terrorism and the current suicide squad delivering their message across the globe is by laughing at their naivety in not valuing their own current existence never mind that of the living art they have stolen. These shallow attempts of martyrdom via premature judgement day commemorations give me great pleasure in the knowledge that they are no closer to God than us only in they have been wasteful of this particular journey and may now suffer as they try to regain form.



If indeed reincarnation is to be then it would obey the very basic laws of thermodynamics. Our soul has undoubted energy and as energy cannot be destroyed or created it must be transformed and as with most recyclable sources it is probable it would retake a similar form at some point of time.  Our psycho-kinetic energy passes through various subsystems before returning to a lifeform and we probably leave the hard drive behind in the human body as the memory starts with a blank canvas for each recurrence (Or does it? are we crying at birth because we are vaguely reminiscent of past life but unable to express it in a human  understandable format. I have read that somewhere!)


Dependant on the pedigree of the soul at the end of the journey I assume it can successfully transpire directly to another or may take a series of transformations to purify its form. A lost soul would constitute less energy in death and repent and forgiveness at some point in life may increase its connectivity to reform. If you reach a point of enlightenment in this life’s journey then you are likely to transpire with evident ease and peace to a recurring and pleasant form. (This is not too difficult to imagine)


Think of heat energy e.g. fire which has a high intensity then the resultant conversion e.g to steam when combined with hydro energy (water) would be intense thick steam but low intensity would be a weak mist like steam. The soul with enlightenment would be high intensity and produce exceptionally greater potential energy in it’s next form where as mediocre existence (lack of mindfulness) would result in a low residual conversion and require greater conversions to reach a recurring state.


Pain of death is physical but not continuous (“Death must be easy because life is hard” [50 Cent]). My question to atheists is that if they can accept that energy cannot be destroyed or created and all energy exists within the same isolated system then why can’t they then accept that their soul exists? (Please respond if you can assist with my learning) The acceptance of this means they would be obeying some spiritual or religious foundation.


Having attended a Roman Catholic primary school and been very active in the theory but turned away from any practical’s… my personal lesson in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was the example that we should not fear death and the overpowering message is that he survived and lived on. The martyrdoms of Sikh Guru’s four hundred years ago was also along the lines of not fearing death and with complete belief and acceptance of a universal God of all things in their core values.


Preaching religious hatred is a treacherous form of social bullying and should never have left the playground. In embracing our commonality and being satirical of our extremist branches we could reduce our need for pruning and let the Autumnal season naturally leave them bare and exposed so that they quiver in isolation.  The only conclusion I have drawn from this trail of thought so far is that if I can be a good person and true to my inner self and not fearful of death then I will edge a little closer to peace in the end.

Energy cannot be destroyed kind of ties in with The Holy Spirit Lives on!




7 thoughts on “The Anti-Suicide Squad

  1. I read this with great interest. I suppose I could call myself an Atheist, as I have no religious belief whatsoever. As for a soul, perhaps that is just a name for the personality and vitality that we see in a living person. As someone who has witnessed the death of others countless times, as a result of injury, illness, drug abuse, murder, and accident, (I was in the London Ambulance Service for 22 years) I can honestly say that I never felt the presence of a ‘departing soul’.
    To me, it was more like the process of switching off a light. One minute there was energy and vitality, the next nothing at all. If religious belief gives people cause to do good things, or to live their lives well, then that can only be a good thing. Unfortunately, history shows us that organised religions have been the cause of far more suffering than any other idea that mankind has ever come up with.
    As we used to say in the Ambulance Service, dead’s dead, and that’s it. Better to live the life you have to the full, than to anticipate the fantasy of an afterlife.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

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    1. Thank you Pete, I really appreciate your comments. All knowledge aids my progress. If science proves energy cannot be destroyed where does that energy go when the lights go out? That is the question. The vitality or energy must go somewhere to obey the laws of science. These were the thoughts in my realm.


      1. It is that very energy that religious thinkers and philosophers have debated since the dawn of time. Perhaps it becomes something else, I certainly cannot say. For myself, I like to think it does, but will not hold onto that thought as the answer to existence. That same energy can be found in an elephant, birds, and many other natural things. If that means a God to some people, then I wish them well with their beliefs, as long as they do not keep trying to force them on others.
        Good luck with your continuing journey. Pete.

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