Love… Lost in Space

As the universe intended we connected in the Cosmos

A black hole had appeared at light speed it was

Two beautiful stars had taken birth from our darkness

But communication was poor so we both became heartless

feelings vanished into the vacuum; all notable traces were lost

the gravitational pull was too strong; survival at all cost

We aborted the journey parting our ways

reported back to mission control as if all was OK

In secret we swore not to tell a soul

But suppressing the pain had taken its toll

The black hole closed and the ship was permanently broken in two

One part heading home and the other still admiring the view

The parting of ways had only caused heartache and pain

Thankfully our lucky stars were born so something to gain

One part remained static and was trapped in space and time

The other returned home and continued as if everything was fine

Neither part was ever the same

When lost in space Love cannot maintain

Love lost in space… still to be found

Puzzling many gazing up from the ground





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