The Gypsy King and I

“Beware of the Gypsy King” said my father as he sent me of into adulthood with a small satchel of wisdom and knowledge.


Having grown to the equivalent age of when he set me on my way;  I realize now that the two most difficult things to do in adult life are to move out of your comfort zone to force change when necessary and secondly admitting when you are wrong despite previously assuming your conclusions were correct. Furthermore good and honourable people are susceptible to abusers and manipulators and have an attractive magnetism for the quick buck advantage takers. You can serve a purpose for them but they do not respect the purpose of you as a person.


The “Gypsy King” to whom he referred has multiple personalities intricately  woven into a  particular mask of deception which has been glued to them for so long that it has become permanent and has suffocated their innocence. The innocence that once resided there when they were a child. They will appear accomplished, charismatic and loving if they so choose to entertain you publicly. The gypsy king is truly a lost soul as their empathy is paralyzed and as they bask in their own glory they become drunk on their ego whilst passing judgement from their metaphorical throne.


The gypsy king once asked me “are you a politician?” because he could not understand humility and the good natured approach to all of equality.  The gypsy king will only entertain those in perceived winning circles… for only those are worthy of their courtesy. Commoners are irrelevant unless serving a purpose for them. When a common man extends respect or good manners to them they perceive this as weakness from their higher authority.


Their assumed superior intelligence reflected in that they cannot take the comments of non-royals to be noteworthy. They have selective hearing and new information is irrelevant if it deters from their initial judgement. They are always right, they see the world only from their perspective and everything is provided for their pleasure such is their royalty. If you are less endowed with life’s material luxuries then you have little relevance or cannot attain their blessing so do not try.


They are morally corrupt and live in the delusion of their grandeur. They seek to destroy any shining star and would play their part in the destruction of another if it meant that they would gain power or glory from the action. They are breast fed from their own attachment to materialism and they radiate so much negative energy that the inevitable drama follows in quick pursuit. They resemble a modern day Sith consumed by the dark side and no longer recognisable from the child that left the mothership if she could see him now beyond her clouded love.


The Gypsy King is condescending, wealth and image are the highest value in their court and they devalue the humble person as of no relevance. By definition alone there vision only see’s people as objects of desire or disgust dependant on their outward beauty. They will laugh at any signs of emotion as weakness and are unable to love in a plutonic and natural way. He is the Thomas Gradgrind of Dickensian depiction in hard times only instead of order and discipline there is the same coldness but with ego and lust.


So how do we defeat the Gypsy King(s) that exist in modern society, the truth is we cannot because there issues are based on poor realisation of self and they have no regard of others viewpoints. Karma and Newton’s Law should be enough to trip them and for the crown to fall off so let them be and refuse to be the jester of their court. Statistically they are 4% of our population so through good teaching, mindfulness and positivity we should instil enough faith in the next generation to devolve their legacy.


The purpose of this exercise is to highlight those characteristics that exist in negative people and in the pursuit of your own happiness and for the sake of your mental health please stay as far away from them as possible. I hope you enjoyed reading and be mindful of the Gypsy King but please don’t envy him.











5 thoughts on “The Gypsy King and I

  1. Just catching up with you recent blog posts and I’m fascinated by this one in particular. I wrote about the psychology of the sociopath in a post on my own blog around this time last year. The post title was ‘Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti’ ( ). I have some direct experience of a ‘Gypsy King’ and I found a way to channel this extremely negative experience to a positive end, as I wrote a character for my novel, who exhibited many of the characteristics with which I had become sadly familiar.

    The Gypsy King you describe so very well was instantly recognisable to me, and it’s important that people understand these characters, learn how to recognise them, and avoid them. Also important to understand that it is neither the gullible nor the naive who fall for the Gypsy King’s strategies, but those who are good and kind, and seek to help and uplift those around them,

    You write an excellent and insightful blog, Bal.

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      1. It’s called ‘Singled Out’ and you can find out more about it on my website/blog – there’s a page with links to Amazon. Thanks for connecting – your writing has real integrity, passion and honesty about it.


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