Aching Walls and Broken Hearts

I scream, so deep inside myself, it destroys my foresight

All I hear back is the echo of the torturous pain

There is a cold-room back there standing mute of light

Floor littered with demon debris from our latest fight

Dilapidated, aching walls and pain splattered everywhere

Ice cold loneliness lives there, no windows and no air

but wait! wait! on the floor is a  golden key

The rarest of alien metal within an arms length

Calling me to elevate it from the darkness

Through the keyhole I see the most beautiful light

loving bliss defrosting the edges of its frame

There is warmth there, I just know there is

As I pull the key towards the door to open it

A long and heavy chain holds it down, I try to lift it

I get stuck. The chain is not long enough

Somehow need to claw the inner strength to set it free

The room whispers to me that I am weak, that I will fail

I am alone and frozen from rejection

She was meant to be there

She was there she was meant to help me

She just laughed and smirked because she had already gained her entry

She knew about the chain but I denied this as possibility

the room whispers she knew… she knew

Accept the probability.








4 thoughts on “Aching Walls and Broken Hearts

  1. What a profound thought!…that golden key is within our reach, yet we can’t pick it, use it and break free. I like the way you have used images to create the scenario, evoking empathy as well as love. Superb poetry, dark and deep! Thanks for guiding me here. 🙂

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