50 Shades of Life!

When studying Computer Science I was persistently distracted in comparing and contrasting programming to how the human brain must function often instead of following the course content (I promise not to bore you and start geeking out!). Recent advancements raise the need for exploration of the mind more than ever. Psychology as the study of others minds through interaction can never fully know the inner thoughts of the subject but “selfology” is only through studying your inner self. Graduation would be when you complete your life’s final semester and your honours are dependant on how well you got to know yourself. Can we really make a robot self aware?…00974877c563f83da601eea270c53a37.jpg

I remember a particular lecture (Barely, as I was probably hung over!) where the subject was graphics rendering and how every colour had to exist through the primary colours as a combination. The phrase  “showing your true colours” is relative to this practice and the fact is that every decision we make and resultant action we execute is a combination created from our true colours. If e.g. we take our true colours to be Red, Green  and Blue and these represent a tri-state system of love, honesty and respect then all our actions are combinations of and are superseded by these core values. They are only diluted by external entities in the Universe i.e. The canvas to which they are painted.


Computers are programmed using the binary coding system with two possible states of on and off (true and false). When the electric pulse (life?) is passed through multiple circuits which are on or off it produces the desired action of the developer (The Creator?). This relates to all things within the universe both singularly and collectively. Let’s look firstly at ourselves, we represent the life between the binary state of being alive or dead as we know it. We are ‘off’ before we were born, ‘on’ when we are alive and ‘off’ again when we are dead (Or is there a third state?). Let’s say our developer (The Creator) has hardcoded through nature, nurture, genetics etc our necessary path and cause. If we imagine that the creator has precoded in our circuitry so that every pulse is incidental and not accidental then we can begin to picture it. There may be just one defining moment in your whole life span which is relative to the greater good and this is why we may feel the existence of free will for the rest of it.


Now if we think beyond ourselves that every creation serves a hardcoded purpose and through it’s interconnectivity in the grand scheme of things it satisfies an overall objective for our creator. Then every single (life) entity is purposeful, meaningful and necessary. Suddenly, we can have respect for others… maybe the behaviour of each entity is not agreeable to ourselves but their very existence is necessary in our creators plan.  The robot equivalents of human beings (if too occur) maybe part of a Darwinian evolution. We must program a good soul into the code made up of the correct core values and obey the laws of robotics, it must not include any negative values (ego, jealousy, geed) even when it interacts with the real world. Otherwise, this will not be an advancement but a replication and the same issues which existed in the human world will exist in the robot domain.


Some Qur’anic scriptures identify that the Universe is revolving around the Earth with an  introspective view and through modern science the Earth revolves around the Sun and the universe is expanding. If we imagine both to be true and where one is looking inwards (black) and one is looking outwards (white). Then they can be intertwined like ying and yang. The universe continues to expand as we continue to look deeper into ourselves.  We can use this very paradox to explore the grey scale and understand interconnectivity.


The grey scale is the universe external to yourself where black represents before the birth of and white represents the end of it. The greyscale represents every occurrence within the universe between the beginning and the end. As such it represents the timeline and it must go through all shades of grey before it reaches the end point of white. This is relevant and lays into play the quantum theory as every possible action must take place before all conditions are satisfied. I watch football and no two matches are ever exactly the same.. each new match is slightly different. In this understanding every possible match with every possible outcome would have to be played to complete the greyscale… but this could never happen! (It could but the cumulated amount of time for each event to occur would tend to infinity and does not fit the reality of the Universe as we know it)


So for this I extend my understanding and now connect myself and my thoughts to the same system. Our thoughts are also exist in the expanding universe; If the sheer thought could satisfy the occurrence then knowledge could reach a finite point which would tie to revelations and the white state of the universe. So to summarise it is possible that we could satisfy the conditions of the quantum theory by imagining every possible outcome and not for it actively to take place. Knowledge is understanding, the visualisation of thoughts allows us to imagine greater and bigger things so the satisfaction of the thought is possibly enough to satisfy the coding of the creator.


In conclusion, I am back where I started. As a human being and a Sikh I am a learner (The very meaning of Sikh) and I can only pray for greater wisdom and knowledge to find the answers which have meaning to my existence and accept those which are not. Being mindful and exploring all the avenues before making a decision not only helps you but possibly supports the progression of the universe. Let’s just be grateful… it’s Friday!


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