Homework Depression?

Please watch the video below as I created it to try and inspire the next generation to have a modular approach to their homework. I want them to feel that even the most boring or mind numbing elements have to completed and believe they need to feel there is a clear end goal and reward will come at some time in the future.

Our children have information at their fingertips, they seek guidance from TV, google, and YouTube amongst others…they get the information thick and fast through audio and visual mediums. I watch my son sometimes watching somebody else watching something on TV on YouTube and it just amazes me that they find this entertaining. I suppose it is because of the way it is delivered with sound bites, quick info and personality.

I noticed some common traits in children when they are stressed about homework which have clear parallels to the grown up equivalent of mild depression. A child is often doing a monotonous task which they are not finding stimulating but as it is a requirement of their curriculum they must complete it. This is similar to a stress that they are going to encounter in their adult life when they have to complete a mundane task as part of their job to earn a living.


We know in adult life that we need to find a work life balance as we become depressed from boredom, lack of stimulation, repetition of daily routine and quite often dissatisfaction from our daily work. They need to create space for themselves to do the things they enjoy and support their development. We need to encourage children to take a modular approach to their work and do a little each day rather than stockpiling it for the weekend.


Modularisation of their homework intertwined with small intervals of “relaxation” would make them feel a lot happier. Stress in adult life culminates from things getting on top of us… If we provide them with the necessary techniques then they can be prepared and will know how to counter the problem when they are older.


I have began work on “School of Thought” which will be a YouTube channel to give them moral support in addition to help motivate and inspire them to be happy people. If we breed positivity then we can help reduce the likelihood of them suffering mental illness when they are older. I look forward to reporting back with more soon.

School of Thought – YouTube Channel

Please feel free to add your comments and please contact me if you would like to assist with some contributions. School of Thought can provide them with any information which can assist with them achieving a positive mental health when they are older.





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