Ego – The Father of All Evil

He swells the mind with impurities by massaging oneself into assumptions about other connected souls. He massages the desires and creates provocation with comparatives of materialism and god’s given beauty in others; Raising us to an artificial highness which feels so much like closeness to spirituality but is actually oozing us down to negativity as he talks us up. He has vast permutations and intricate manoeuvres which can transpire from our mind to our soul and then connect to produce a resultant execution of his order.


Meditation is the tranquiliser of Ego. It is commenced through concentration on a singularity. Whether in my case the internal whispering chant of the word “Waheguru”, it can be a melody or sound which is omnipresent in your mind, reached through staring at a single object until it becomes perplexed or concentration on a single independent task like closing a door.


In fact meditation on anything is possible! it is only dependant on being able to maintain a singular focus because Gods beauty is in all things. Achieving a medative state with so much distractions in modern society is difficult but finding a oneness with an object is attainable if you believe that object is part of a universal God existent in everything.


I tested this by staring at a small black mark on my wall, I did not try to imagine anything about it or what it resembled but simply to stare at it. It then becomes perplexed by the human eye… you can hear the silence in your mind as there is no presence of any other thought and you have reached a state which is simple and soothing to the soul. As I did so it lasted for about 15 seconds and then my phone rang! I answered the phone and my mood changed so this very quick small dose of meditation can be used to counter gaps where our mind might be distracted and infiltrated by ego.


Lets look at Negativity and the parenthesis of Evil. Ego being the father as the dreaded “I am” statement supersedes all the classes of its children. There is then the remaining grouping of Lust, Anger, Attachment and Greed. Ego has ascertained so much authority in modern society that at best we can only supress him as he is a spiritual virus which has virtually eternal recurrence. He will simply continue to return to you but with constant awareness he can be defeated with regularity.


Animals or any other object on this planet other than humans do not suffer with ego. They are reflective of God’s own beauty and have the instincts to survive and evolve as Darwin amongst others stated. They are hard coded to adapt to their environments and will take nourishment from other of Gods sources but no more than is required. When they are duly satisfied they are grateful to God.


Only the human is susceptible to infiltration by ego so this interception occurred at sometime in history.  We blame money but it is not bad as it allows and permits us to transact in a civilised way similar to how a bird uses the tree for rest, we use money for requirement. Where requirement is necessity then money is good, where requirement is desire then Ego has altered the currency.


I hope you enjoyed this and please feel free to leave your comments












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