9/11 Why, Why, Why?

I was born a Sikh, attended a Roman Catholic school and have made friends of many faiths. I have an absolute faith in God, sense of purpose and appreciate my journey and fete as Maharaj (God) intends.  As the files from my life continue to be unzipped, my thoughts and processes help to determine my use of freewill to execute the hard code which he intended for me express. We are all products of our time here…


9-11 affected us all and as discussed previously it contributed significantly to my breakdown at the time. I spent a lot of time in deep thought thinking of the meaning of this happening and how it relates to the Universe. At that time as a student, my views were clouded often in the smoke of a freshly lit joint or nursing the hangover after stealing the laughter of tomorrow the night before.


15 Years later, as I sit back drinking my herbal tea and puffing my e-cig I am able to join the dots and express my own conclusions. Terrorism is in my view an evil act which is promoted by the tortured soul who wants to play a game of chance and use their narcistic charm to convince others that the end is near, the messiah is returning and the evil is necessary as part of Gods plan. The tortured soul sits on either sides of many fences, looking for ways to be released in human form, slowly consuming as many soul’s as possible through manipulation, justification of actions and creating cause with affect.


The battle of Good vs Evil is not in the form we are led to believe as in by different sets of people, continents or religions but by two forces battling for control of each and every soul. The tortured soul  spreads his cancer until it is strong enough to control the action of that physical being and then executes evil to inherently breed more of its children. It is constantly trying to trigger a chain reaction by spreading its cancer and using all mediums available.


9/11 was masterminded by the tortured soul, not a particular person. The resultant action was then the spreading of the desired negative energy which captured more souls and convinced them to emulate the ways of the tortured soul. Retaliation… ‘War on Terror’, bombings, killings & massacres are all acts of support and his action granted him a global audience which became enablers.


Evidently God harcoded in all our births; a sense of morality, empathy and taught us the infinite energy of Love to counter this cancer of the soul. Love is the opposite, most extreme act of retaliation to Terror. Extreme love requires acceptance of all beings, self respect and understanding of the battle which is taking place. A depressive is someone in a power struggle with the tortured soul, a terrorist has been overcome and a faithful person is repellent of him. He is constantly looking for enablers and can wear down the strongest of minds.


God sent his one and only Son, Prophets, Guru’s and Martyr’s at the times when it was necessary to counter his devious way and for this we should be ever grateful as we are reliant on this for the continual existence of mankind. God has intricately modified our sub routines so that now we can take knowledge and expression and pass it on to others instantaneously and help cure the cancer.


And for all those terrorists, if in his given timeline he permits for his child, prophet or loved one to return to fulfil their prophecies. Like any good father he would want to make sure the conditions are right, the environment is stable and they would be embraced not persecuted. Obviously, we are a long way from there so crush your demons and be righteous as that is what he intended of us.


The tortured soul is anyone or anything you want to picture them as in your thoughts. Visualise them in your mind, seek and destroy and then continually block their recurrence. They are making you their enabler and your path will become like there’s – unhappy!










4 thoughts on “9/11 Why, Why, Why?

  1. Within a single phrase I can tell ” It is brilliant article ” I want to add something :
    1. We shouldn’t believe what we watch on TV / NEWS as They want to let us believe what they want to !
    2. All the leaders manipulating us ( Majority) !
    3. We should respect all the religions !


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