2016! You cheeky monkey


I am now clearly in the process of recovery as I am writing this blog! what a year 2016… will never forget you. You have tested every part of me and I am still here and I thank God for the strength to survive if nothing else. The so called year of the monkey has certainly thrown a few banana skins in my path and my gosh did I fall hard!

Firstly, just to reiterate I suffered a mental breakdown in January 2016, the result of which I lost everything including my wife, two sons, home and livelihood. I have ended up with a criminal record, put at one point in a mental asylum and now coming to terms with what I have been through, the consequences of what happened and trying to fix things which are still within my control.

2015, had been a pinnacle year, my skills and experience as a restaurateur were coming into fruition and I had felt my talents were being justified. This was one of the happiest periods I had with my wife and family in the past decade. Family life was normal, children were schooling well and generally we were like most middle England families. What occurred in 2016, I can only describe as a whirl wind rather than a wind of change.

On a positive note, I am now atoned with my spirituality which I had so lost, regained my fitness in a battle to put health before wealth and reconciled some of the relationships which I lost in the opening months of the year. I want to write and explain the many pitfalls of mental illness and how the imaginary part has to be addressed and questioned in order to return to a relative state of mind.







One thought on “2016! You cheeky monkey

  1. I’m happy to hear that things are looking better despite the problems you’ve faced at the start of the year. Blogging is a pretty cathartic process, so I’m sure it will help. And I know breakdowns and topics like this aren’t really openly discussed in Sikh communities, so I rate you for starting a blog like this because I know so many people will be able to relate, but won’t or can’t voice their experiences. Look forward to reading your posts!

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