The Beach

Painful moments in our lives are points constantly redirecting our course to safeguard our fate and overcome our free will. It is a lot like when you swim against multiple recurrent waves and the resistance pushes you off course or throws an object back to shore. Over a period of time I have began to understand more the very purpose of pain and hardship. It is necessary to suffer so that we can appreciate God’s grace and the beauty of those moments which in the end, the very presence off  give us hope and the will to get up and go again.


Small waves provide resistance  on a daily basis but every now and then a large wave comes along and we are swept back powerlessly and humbled by the sheer presence of such forces. So as I scan over the debris scattered on my beach I can see evidence of battles, lost love, betrayal, unjust actions and the slow erosion of self through ageing. In amongst them every now and then I find a shell which is a moment of transcendent beauty which when I pick up and observe I am suddenly enlightened to again rush out against the waves.


A keen persistence and a will to learn more about the depths of this ocean hold me in good stead in God’s eyes, for this I am sure. As a Sikh man, the very essence of my journey is to learn and reflect. I look around and many live in fear of the next tidal wave whilst others have found a raft which can make their journey more comfortable but are not willing to reach out and help others desperate to stay afloat.


We know that in our human life time we cannot reach the land (promised land) on the other side of the ocean so the very purpose of this flawed voyage is in summary, going to be reflecting on how you attempted it rather than how far you got in Kilometres. An attempt in which you helped others and made the most of  the intervals between waves will be most fulfilling. If you remain in a peaceful state when the waves come then you will be washed back not fulfilling your potential. It is in those moments when a person needs to find resolve and fight back just to exist against and this is training for better resistance to the tidal waves when they arrive.


Thinking about when the next wave will come will make you anxious and collating all the debris on the beach and revisiting the pain will cause you depression. The moments between the waves are where the faithful find most peace. History teaches us that every now and then certain people arrive at the shore who teach us a different way and a movement towards a new method begins . My understanding now is that our Guru’s (which were present on this planet only 400 odd years ago in India) came and surfed the waves and left the plans for the board in our holy book “The Guru Grant Sahib”.


We cannot be sure if the waves will continue to become more violent in times to come or whether we will see the calming of the sea. What we can be sure of is that if in our attempts we simply decide to let the waves carry and control us then we will never reach the potential of our journey. Life is a mix of fate and free will and the very purpose of free will is to allow you to explore the environment in between waves of fate which will alter your planned course.







The Awakenings

Why do you have to suffer in outer silence dear inner bliss

My tortured soul restless in thy flesh and bone

The inner vocalist roars with proof such justified

They fear my truth he says, I am unfit for their lies

“Take your pills” he said, laughter pursued

Arrogance of a weak man desperate to be righteous

Unaware of a desolate father soon to take his perch

Not thee, Not I but bred unhappiness born alike

Suitor of thee mask worn by frail darkness

See my light it shines from within

Awaken those unspoken

Been a while since I posted but had some deep feelings recently and wanted to share them. Helps me get them of my chest and on to the next. The big change in life is to recognise feelings (yeah, yeah, be mindful again), feel them arrive in you, control them and then let them go. The verse started with my pain and ended with my release so the feeling has passed. Thank you for reading








New Years Revelations

I was very tactile this New Years Eve as in comparing the past few it occurred to me that the way I set my stall out pretty much dictates the following month if not the whole year forward. That in terms of indulgence, seeing the 1st of Jan with a thick head and generally feeling bloated from Xmas Wine and New Year Beer. Purposefully, I made a choice to be in  solitude and set myself the task to learn something before midnight so that when I wake the following morning I will have the added happiness of having acquired a new skill and that would make me feel good about myself and the year ahead.


In truth, I started on 30th December on the drive back after dropping my boys home from their Xmas break with me. After receiving a call from a very happy client who was overwhelmed with the results we achieved I was able to bask  in a moment of self glory. I have  decided I can do anything if I put my “clear” mind to it. What I am referring to is that when I am stress free, not pressured or engulfed in family politics I do honestly believe I can solve a large number of complex problems. My New years tipple  was to learn java programming and fix a clients broken website.


I had felt over the past few months that I am again firing on all cylinders and this is not without effort or goal focus but more its a case of the hard work, meditation, exercise and mindfulness now coming into fruition. So without meaning to preach rather more reflecting on my own practice I can honestly say that my new alcohol free ‘straight edge’ lifestyle  is the best thing I have ever done for myself.



I have been quietly proud of myself as I am doing things which I never thought I could. I seem to be harnessing more and more positive energy and my brain is constantly absorbing and using information effectively to produce results. The decisions I make are with my wellbeing as a priority and that in turn is also reaping benefits for those around me with whom I connect, support or care about.


So back to New Years… I set myself the task to learn the java programming language which although I am no novice to programming compared to previous experience was like speaking English and trying to learn French overnight. What I achieved by Midnight and without blowing my own trumpet I can honestly say was hugely satisfying. I had paced around, sat, stood, moved in every possible position in my room but not shifted my focus until I had fixed the problem and it paid off. Literally,  just as the fireworks display began in central London. I then quickly relayed Happy New Year messages through my phone and put myself to sleep.



When I awoke on the 1st of Jan, free from hangover with substantial January work already completed I realized that I could never go back to my previous self and have been thankful since for what I have become. If 2016 was about tuning myself, I have just revved the engine and felt an enormous self growth (of the spiritual kind :-)). I have great hopes for this year and again wish all of my followers the very best. Tuning was about finding the positive frequency in the Universe, revving is indeed inviting it in.



A final note on this New Year, my revelation is that every person has the potential to be a genius or achieve amazing things. The issue is that many minds are clouded by uncertainty, self doubt, negativity, addiction and other mental blocks which prevent them from realising their full potential. We hear the stories of those very strong people who breakthrough from hardship and still do something wonderful but that power exists in every person. If we focus for long enough on removing anything then a moment of clarity can become a lifetime of clarity and the results are truly limitless.








Just Giving

I was feeling very spiritual this morning after finally caving in and watching some television. There is a truly excellent series running currently called “The Young Pope” which I found very touching and reflected many feelings which I have come accustomed to in my new purer and natural form. In my usual obsessive way, I decided to watch the whole series and finished somewhere around 4 a.m. last night.  There was a beautiful speech by Jude Law (Playing a young charismatic pope) at the end of the final episode which related to how if we want to see God’s beauty it is entirely in the smile of others. Not in words, actions, material items but simply in seeing the natural smile of another. This really resonates with me because as someone who was always selfless I think I was addicted to that feeling and to a degree would give anything to see others happy at the expense of my own wellbeing.


Often, these acts of giving were misguided. I liked buying rounds of drinks for everyone at the bar at the expense of my own pocket just to see them all happy and laughing and I have only realised now why I used to do this. It was not for ego it was because I wanted to see them all smile more and be happy. You can imagine that my pubs became very popular and I would always be willing to look after others… until they abused my respect. If I sensed they were indeed advantage takers then I would shun them with pretty much immediate effect.


I heard a story recently about late Grandfather Amar Snr, where he used to also be very hospitable and welcoming. Two travellers passed through our village and he gave them sanctuary for the night in his home. He sat and drank with them, fed them and treated them with the kind of kindness to a stranger which only seems to exist in fairytales. As he left them they continued to drink and make noise and disturb his family. He returned to them whilst they slept took their blanket from them and smothered it with Cow dung and put it back over them while they slept. When they awoke in the morning they were deeply embarrassed by their actions assuming they indeed had caused this and swiftly departed with there heads down in shame.


The truth is that in Giving we must be cautious to what the primary benefit of the act is to the receiver. If indeed we buy them expensive gifts which makes them more attached to material things then the smile which they provide us with is not so much the smile of gratitude  but a smile which is constructed from material love, satisfaction and momentary adulation. Natural smiles are the kind of smile a child gives you when we look at them with unconditional love. I do believe animals smile also as I can see memories of my late German Shepherd smiling in happy moments we had together.


So from these experiences I have learned that a true smile is a true reflection of love and when the soul smiles this radiates God’s beauty to those around them. God can only be felt with natural positive feelings and God can indeed be seen in every day life. The problem we have is that we are so busy we miss these moments and then look for answers when we have become distant. As this is a time of year when there is a lot of giving just pause for a moment and remember the smiles as God is saying Hi!


Thank you so much for all of your support this year… I have made some wonderful connections through writing and I really do wish you all happiness. Merry Xmas xxx




Heart of a Lion

Singh titlemiddle name or surname, which originated in India. Derived from the Sanskrit word for lion, it was adopted as a title by certain warrior caste in India. Guru Gobind Singh mandated it for all the baptized males. As a surname or a middle name, it is now found throughout the Indian subcontinent and among the Indian diaspora, cutting across communities and religious groups.

The Rise of the Human

We cannot program robots to feel the unconditional love of God, nor can they be individually as unique as we are. How can we determine the protocol for one person to feel completely differently in the same circumstance than another? These are some of the examples of the great qualities of being human.

Some of the emotions felt by humans through life experiences could never be automated or simulated. They are the ones which are most important. In the future we will rely on those to differentiate between human and artificial intelligence.


In the battle to survive… our spirituality will evolve to a higher state to maintain command over our robotic partners. In distant years there will be the good human exercising their self awareness duelling against the unremorseful robot replicating our survival instincts. We will converge to a purer form of ourselves erased of evil. Robots without the existence of a soul will tend to an extreme opposite.

Good vs Evil will have its final encounter in clearly different forms. As evil took electronic form when satan seized the opportunity from under our very noses. He realised how electronically he could sustain to the last day and there is plenty of evidence online to realise that he already resides there.

Alternatively, in the preservation of the human race  and the intervention of superior powers we could have good robots defending our existence. Either way, self awareness and spirituality are paramount to our future existence.


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